Story of Sulatha S Pillai

It all started with a cold and blocked nose back in April 2015, I initially treated myself with over-the-counter medicines and when that did not work, I began consulting many doctors but to no end. A few days later, on the day of my nephew’s marriage, I felt like there was a swelling behind my ears; the pain was excruciating, I took pain-relievers but it was of no use. By then, I knew that something was very wrong.

The very next day, I visited another doctor, I underwent several tests and the doctor suggested a biopsy. With the biopsy reports in tow, I came to Narayana Health City, Bangalore and consulted Dr. Naveen Hedne.

Narayana Health by my side

When the doctor looked at the images, he could see right away what was wrong; He told me about the growth of a tumour. The news was devastating, I was scared and shaking but I knew that I had to move forward with the treatment as quickly as possible.

I did not want to be oppressed by this dreaded disease and thankfully, the doctors and the medical team were extremely supportive. Dr. Naveen instilled confidence and courage in me and was confident that it could be treated, he gave me the hope that I needed.

Prior to each treatment, he would explain the side effects I might experience. I was also guided about the various dietary and lifestyle changes that I had to follow, everything was explained to me in clear, simple language so that I could understand what I was about to go through. From the start, I knew that NH was on my side. It was a difficult time for me, but I made it with the support of everyone at NH. The treatment lasted for five months.

The surgery was done by Dr. Naveen, Radiation by Dr. Santosh & Chemotherapy by Dr. Lavanya. The team walked me through each and every stage of the treatment and were by my side throughout the journey.

Today, I am cured; the cancer is now gone. After the surgery, radiation and chemotherapy, I am now able to lead my life like I used to. I am now going through speech therapy, and medication for the cold.

NH gave people like me hope. And along with this hope, the team of doctors at NH is dedicated to working with each individual to make his or her life better. Thank you, Narayana Health.


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