Story of Sushil Kumar Mazumdar

For the last 2 years, I had been suffering from chronic neck pain, loss of appetite and general weakness while I visited several prominent doctors in Dhaka, their medication did not help. Six months ago when my condition worsened, I knew that I needed care immediately and so reached out to my family for help.

Fortunately, my uncle & aunt who live in Bangalore suggested that I come to Narayana Health City. The medical team lead by Dr. Komal Prasad had me take an MRI which revealed an Extradural Spinal Tumour which had been the cause of my illness.

Although initially apprehensive, I went ahead with the surgery as I was confident in the team’s ability. Today, I’m feeling much better; my appetite has increased and I can walk on my own. Everyone from Dr. Komal Prasad, the nurses, and the medical staff took good care of me and I’m grateful to NH for the new lease of life they have given me.


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