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Cancer Support Group

Cancer Support Group

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Created On: Jan 29, 2016

For anyone to live with this dreadful disease, is an extremely painful experience. Not only the patient, but also the family members undergo a lot during the treatment and other procedures.

With this non-profit Cancer Support Group, we aim to extend our wholehearted service to the society. Our main objective is to provide cancer related information to patients, their family members and also to make others aware of cancer.

Our discussion forum is intended to throw more light in multiple directions and educate the common people about how to stay healthy and lead a happy life. Using this Cancer Support Group as a medium, we will also extend our devoted and unconditional psychological support to the patients, their families and other loved ones.

This initiative is also focussed on how to encourage everyone to stay connected through discussions, inspire others to fight cancer and come out as a ‘Victor’ and not just a ‘Survivor’!

Some of the benefits related to joining this Cancer Support Group are:

  •  Emotional and Psychosocial support
  •  Information on managing the side effects of treatments, coping with cancer, diet and nutrition.
  •  Share their life stories and inspire others.
  •  The clinical supervision with support from peers help patients to make informed choices while adapting to the new ways of coping with cancer.
  •  Become a volunteer.

In case, anyone from or outside our family and friends circle is fighting with cancer, please get connected with our group and help the patient to overcome all the anxieties related to this life-threatening disease.

Let’s Unite, Let’s Fight Cancer!

Support Group Topics

santosh kumar   Mar 14, 2016    3 COMMENTS

Suggestions on Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer

The cancer has spread to other parts or organs. Usually, bones, liver, brain, kidneys and adrenal glands are the commonly infected regions/parts. Please check with the doctors about all these.
Ramesh   Feb 01, 2016    3 COMMENTS

Is this Cancer Support Group Relevant to Me?

Who attends the meets or take part in the discussions? Starting from brave hearts who fought cancer and came out as a winner to their family members
Hussain   Jan 30, 2016    2 COMMENTS

What is Leukemia and what are its types?

Few days back I got to know one of my childhood friend is suffering from Cancer. Till I got to know, he is suffering from Leukemia.
Rajesh   Jan 29, 2016    2 COMMENTS

Is the hair loss during Chemotherapy permanent?

My chemo cycle is complete and doctors suggested me to go home. During and after the chemo session, I lost almost all the hair. Any suggestions or advises on this?