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Who is a CAN-BUDDY?

Who is a CAN-BUDDY?

Among all the members of this Cancer Support Group, there will be a CAN-BUDDY, who will voluntarily assist the group with all its activities. CAN-BUDDY will also co-ordinate the upcoming group events or meets, provide counselling support to the seekers, and take active part in publicising the group.

How can a group member become a CAN-BUDDY?
For any group member to become a CAN-BUDDY, he or she should fit under the following criteria:

  1. Should be passionate about helping patients and the group.
  2. Should be sensible and empathetic towards the patients.
  3. Should be mature, full of energy and creative.
  4. Should have patience to listen to the problems of group members.

To become a can-buddy, write to supportgroup@narayanahealthletters.org